Dan Rigdon


I am now living in the sixty-seventh year of my life, the past thirty-five of which it has been my privilege to serve the same vibrant community of believers, first as Senior Pastor and more recently in the role of Pastor Emeritus.  One of the most important lessons I learned while still a young minister was that my ability to lead would be enhanced as a result of those being led knowing that, about them, I truly cared!

To properly care for the men and women I pastored required both knowledge of all things spiritual and the establishing of real relationships.  As a general rule, the believers in our church family were not fully impressed with how much I knew until they knew how much I cared.  However, when these two qualities of knowing and caring, one of the head and the other of the heart, came together some truly special things happened!

I am happy to say that in Doctor Yates I have found these two most attractive and essential qualities intertwined!

Doctor Yates, blessed with a most curious mind that drives him to stay abreast of the latest healthcare innovations, lives on the edge of medical discovery. If it is happening anywhere, he knows!  At the same time he is drawn by the need to know and care for each of his patients as valued members of his family.  This is why he purposely makes an effort to build a personal relationship with each of us. To Doctor Yates I am never just a number. 

I have never one time in the years Doctor Yates has been my personal physician felt rushed or hurried.  Not one time have I sensed he was looking over my shoulder, distracted by the needs of the patient waiting in the next room (I don't think anyone waits).  As he assists me in dealing with health issues in the present that are rooted in my past, he is at the same time proactively addressing related issues that could be lurking in my future, heading them off before they can arrive through the enacting of preventative measures!

As you read additional stories provided by his patients, you will find that among other things, all Doctor Yates' patients are given his personal cell phone number, and that he is prompt in responding to emails and text messages, and that he is punctual in seeing his patients at the precise time scheduled for each appointment, and that all the members of his most excellent team (led by the incomparable Sherri Puckett) also know their stuff and are really really good!  Best of all, they each share Doctor Yates' philosophy that "we patients" are their family and as such are really important!

It is my privilege to recommend this very good man and his outstanding team at the Center for Executive Medicine as a place where heads and hearts come together, assisting each patient in their pursuit of health, happiness and hope!  When visiting my doctors office, I'm spending time with friends!

Dan L. Rigdon
Pastor Emeritus
Life Central Church
Plano, Texas

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