Don and Elaine Dreiske


On a Sunday, I started having trouble breathing and called Dr. Martin on his cell phone. He requested I go to the Emergency Room at a nearby hospital. 

When I arrived at the ER, I gave them my name, and they said they were expecting me, as Dr. Martin let them know I was coming and what my symptoms were. We were taken into a room immediately, and the ER doctor came in and asked, “What issues are you having?” I told him I was having trouble breathing and persistently coughing. He performed an exam and said “l’ll be back.” 

While he was gone, Dr. Martin walked in. I was surprised to see him. The ER doctor came back and he and Dr. Martin discussed my past history and current issue. They left the room to discuss further. Shortly, Dr. Martin came in and said you are in good hands here, I’ve updated the ER doctor on all your issues, medications and I will call you later to check on you.”  

The ER doctor came back and said to me “How are you related to Dr. Martin?” I told him there was no relation, but a great relationship.  He’s my concierge doctor. The ER doctor said, “He is the first doctor I have had come into the ER for a patient. Without Dr. Martin coming in, I would have kept you over night. With him here telling me your history, medications, and previous tests, we can safely send you home. He went on to say that this has never happened before in his long history of being an ER physician. 

“Your doctor and I discussed everything, we made good decisions and now I’m sending you home. If everyone came in with their doctors, it would simplify my life and your care and it would save lives.”  Having Dr. Martin is like having a family member as your physician; he knows us and cares.

Don Dreiske

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