Irwin and Evie Wechsler

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Two years ago, I had a kidney function test that was a yearly follow-up to my having cancer in 2008.  With only one partial kidney, these tests were extremely important and very nerve wracking until we received the results.  Our internist’s receptionist delivered the results by way of telephone, on Friday afternoon  telling me the numbers and saying that there is a problem and I need to see a nephrologist, without any further explanation.   I asked to speak with the doctor and she said he was too busy.  No other recommendations were made.  My wife and I, in a true sense of panic, went to the doctor’s office and said that we would wait hours, if necessary, if we could just have 5 minutes to speak with the doctor.  She came back after checking with him and said no, he couldn’t take the time to speak with us now and would call sometime over the weekend. We then went to the urologist who performed my kidney surgery and asked to speak with him.  While he was there and had finished seeing patients, the receptionist came back and said that he had to leave and couldn’t see us even to explain the significance of the numbers and that I would need to find a nephrologist.  I can’t describe the level of anxiety and fear that we faced going into that weekend. 

Later that evening, we were speaking with our son who said he had been seeing Dr. Michael Martin at the Center for Executive Medicine. He couldn't say enough about how fantastic Dr. Martin had been so we decided to call.  

Dr. Martin saw me immediately, took a history, did an exam and then explained the significance of the lab numbers. He ran additional tests and reviewed all the results with us immediately, which greatly alleviated our fears.  He then arranged for an appointment with a top Dallas nephrologist and his office staff even did the paperwork for me! This was the beginning of our incredible relationship with Dr. Michael Martin.

In reviewing the goals stated by the Center for Executive Medicine, we have found that they have not only met these goals but far exceeded them. In our two year relationship with Dr. Martin, we have received immediate call backs whenever we have contacted him. Our requests for appointments are met without waiting time. We have found him to be a compassionate listener, extremely knowledgeable and current on all issues we have raised.  Dr. Martin has made us feel that we are important enough to spend whatever time is necessary to respond to all of our questions and concerns.  That is something that all our previous physicians have failed to do. He has given us referrals to the top specialists and labs in Dallas and navigated all appointments and paperwork. Whatever crisis we and our family have had, he has been there right by our side. Not only has our health improved greatly under his direction, but we also now have total peace of mind knowing that Dr. Martin is there for us 24/7. 

In addition, we must give praise to Sherri and the entire staff at Executive Medicine.  Their concern, empathy and efficiency complete the excellence and vision of this medical practice.

Irwin and Evie Wechsler

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